Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'll just be frank with everyone.. I'm soo not in the mood to work anymore.. raya is in 2 days time.. and the unstoppable workloads seem to be affected badly due to my ting tong mood for raya already.. what more with the consistent plays of raya songs next room really put me in the higher mood for raya..
I don't know why.. I didn't even shop for raya this year.. no new baju melayu, no browsing around Jalan TAR compared to last year, not a single order of kuih raya from anybody.. and definitely not taking extra leaves for raya.. it's just that I can't wait to go back and gather around my family and loved ones.. and be able to talk rubbish and laughing out loud over nothing all day long.. work seems to be so stressful these days so I really need this raya break to not think about work for a while.. and have some fun with the family..
Traffic seems to get lesser on the KL roads, and almost everyone seems to be heading back to their hometown already.. Can't wait to drive home to Bagan Serai.. wish time could fly faster to this Thursday.. which is tomorrow.. yahoooooooo!

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