Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Got a ticket for AJL.. and this is the first time I decided to attend this kind of event.. saja je suka2.. selalunya malas nak pegi.. RIMASS! Anyway, lots of people around the area.. and dalam TV nampak grand je.. but the reality tak la gah sangat.. hehehh! sebelum nak sampai ke purple carpet tu nampak a few so called artists terhencut2 jalan dgn kasut tinggi at the uneven pavement dpn Stadium Putra tu just to be highlighted at the event.. kesiannn!

The so called VIP seats kat Stadium Putra ni is so sempit we all have to squeeze our body throughout the event uncomfortably.. thank god the show is great, sound system is marvelous.. and these singers were really talented..
I personally like Kalau Aku Kaya.. the song is very fresh and catchy.. memang berangan nak kaya la dengar lagu ni.. hahah!
Anyway,Bahagiamu Deritaku by Hafiz won.. wuh huuuuuu! my karaoke favorites!

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