Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was in Ipoh for the weekend for kenduri here and there.. and really felt so heavy from the overdose of kenduri treats that I need to exercise a bit.. so in the efforts to jog a bit at the garden in the middle of chinese funeral in Ipoh, I went to the pace only to find out that there's an aerobic session was in place.. huge amount of people around the area, and I totally sooo joining the group.. rajin jugak org Ipoh beriadah pagi2 buta ni..An hour of aerobic, with sweats like I just finished the shower.. and took a round of walk around the garden.. with a huge field in the middle for bola and stuff.. such a peaceful place to spend an effective morning.. terus terasa turun 10 kg.. heheheh! in which I gained back by 10kg after a session of Nasi Lemak by the stadium.. life is easy in Ipoh!

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