Friday, March 11, 2011


It's been 2 days of terrible fever that I had.. and I haven't visited the clinic yet since this week's schedule has been hectic.. even now while I am writing, the sweat came down from my head berjurai2 macam air hujan hahhh.. and that is the after effect of panadol and ponstan..
It's been weird la this time sebab it started with cold shivering body that I cannot tahan.. and after a while, the body started to get warmer and warmer.. until I hafta mandi and put wet towel on my head.. and after a while, when I started to drink hot water, then only sweats coming out like nobody's business.. the cold-warm-sweat body effect really buat aku gila.. one moment I hafta cover myself up.. and another time i hafta mandi to cool it down.. adoiii!
Come tomorrow, I must go to the clinic.. I know I've not been in a healthy state lately.. age factor may be.. but this has to stop immediately! tons of work at the office.. feel like I'm loosing my life already.. apa2 pun.. hidup mesti diteruskan!

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