Sunday, March 6, 2011


A lunch date at AlRawsha Kg Pandan with June and Nani.. June's gonna be back to Bangkok on Wednesday so this is sort of the farewell lunch together with her.. Huge castle like, nice place.. and this is the second time I came to this place.. The setting is so mediterranean and arabic like, ohh it's so cozy to have lunch with friends here.. quite a different setting from the other branch that I always go at Jalan Damai.. check here!Got ourselves 2 big portions of Chicken Mandi and Lamb biryani.. plus the hummus and delicious roti canai like bread.. we all wallap like nobody's business.. semua dah bebulur..heheh
Price is a bit expensive compared to the one in Jalan Damai.. but still lots of people coming for the food here.. Chatted for a while before we move on to Secret Recipe for hot coffee and healthy cakes for tea.. memang pelahap gila tak kenyang2 puak2 kami ni.. hahahah!

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