Thursday, March 31, 2011


Goshhh! It was quite a hell for me since last week with the current work that I'm doing.. Things are all tough in the group that I'm in.. I think this is the toughest group to handle compared to the rest of the other groups.. We have a group of bijak pandai of 20++ heads who knows what to do.. and knows what they want to proceed with the agenda.. and dealing with this group needs a very strong mental and physical readiness.. arguements and disagreements that sometimes led to emotional quarrels were all around the air since last week.. it's out of control sometimes up to the extend that I donno how to handle it anymore.. stress gilerr.. rasa nak nangis pun ada.. hahahah!
I'm no good in the industry and some of the things that they mentioned and discussed in the group were too technical for me to digest immediately.. adoiii! I just hope that this week will flow very2 fast that everything will end soon.. really no life.. balik rumah je I'm so penat but still hafta vet through the slides and all.. and the routine goes on and on for almost 2 weeks now.. It's quite a challenging experience that I personally gain from this current work.. and rest assured that will make me a better person that yesterday..
Anyway, sorry it's just a merapu entry to release my 'serabut hanyaaa' di kepalaku ini.. giler lahhhhh... hahahah!

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