Monday, February 28, 2011


I was at the Ganu airport waiting for the flight back to KL.. cehcked in rather early. and still have ample time to check out the airport.. which is rather frustrating to me.. Claimed to be international airport, which rumoured to clinch a few deals with Singapore, China and a few countries for direct flight straight to Ganu, it is such a small airport with so limited spaces.. keciknyaaa! tak nampak international langsung compared to KB and even Alor Star airport.. even the waiting areas here only have small and uncomfortable wooden bench.. no proper chairs for waiting areas, not many shop lots available, only 1-2 cafes with limited choice, no McD or KFC available, and quite gloomy la for an airport.. macam malap2 bilik tido je.. heheheh! what happened? Tapi one thing that I respect is the ability of the architect to still incorporate the element of traditional in the landscape and interior of the airport.. so cantik.. if only those ukiran and traditional touch were highlighted properly.. rasanya lagi nampak gah kott.. May be I'm expecting too much for a new airport... but looking at the building itself made the expectation goes higher that I got quite frustrated.. Rumor has it that they are going to enlarge the airport soon.. really hope it's gonna be worth the investment.. god will..

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