Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Aduihhhh... sakit pinggangku..
It's been sooo long since i've played bowling.. and the last time about a year++ ago.. gosh! so out of the blue, we ran down to the bowling alley in IOI Mall to check out on the price, only to find out that they have this wednesday offer, buy 2 free 1 package..Not thinking much, we started our games, only to find out that I’ve lost my touch.. berterabur bola semua.. like a beginner balik la.. aduiihhhh.. first game, ended up at 78, 2nd at 92 and 3rd at 106.. aduiiihhhh! Takpa no worries! from now on.. nak pandaikan balik main bowling.. and that means I will hafta lepak2 at IOI Mall la for bowling every Wednesday.. but ehh! how’s my Wednesday movie outing?? Kenalah berbagi2 secara adil… heheheheh!

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