Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is the most awaited part.. the kids have been asking questions non stop about the plan.. what time to wake up? what dress to wear? what's in Petrosains? letih aku nak melayan.. heheheh.. Sooooooooooooo many people in KLCC.. mostly from outside KL.. and gosh.. even the queue at Petrosains was worse.. Went there at 10am, only to get the tickets at 1pm.. gilerr..! I've never been to this place, so donno what to expect.. and as soon as we were all in.. I think the kids were enjoying themselves.. why? a smile tells a thousand stories.. heheh!
they tried all sorts of games.. and I too tried my limited sort of game.. we all had fun.. and went back smiling non stop and tired.. and tergolek depan tv bila sampai rumah.. we all slept early that night.. heheh..

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