Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is an old entry.. from the last school holiday.. cool gilerrr..
Heard about the snake exhibition in Muzium Negara and decided to bring the kids on the weekend.. true enough there's thousands of people who brought their kids too.. what more with the school holidays.. anyway.. I first thought that the kids will be scared with the snakes and all.. tapi it turned otherwise.. selamba badak je the kids ni took photos with the snakes.. even FH, the eldest one wants to snap the photos with the snakes on her shoulder.. hahahah! gilossss ok.. aku pun tak berani..There's also one section of the exhibition where there's one sexy crazy tapi tak cool lady staying in the glass room with all the cobras.. hundreds and hundreds of them.. gile pompuan ni! ntah apa ilmu la dia pakai.. hahahah! but the coolest thing is to make snap photos of the king cobra tengah kembang tengkuk in the glass.. huge one I tell u.. nampak sangat la aku ni jahat.. the moment I reached its place, terus dia kembang tengkuk bagai.. seriau la pulakkk! Lots of photo taking with the kids.. all of them posed like this is the first time of photo taking.. photographernya la yang letih.. heheheh!

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