Sunday, February 20, 2011


Had a great deal of makan2 invitations on weekend.. one @ my CEO's house and another one @ my friend's house..
Had a few rounds (yesss.. a few rounds ok!)of awesome roasted lamb portions, complete with the mint & bbq sauce and the fruits.. while hearing to a friend's interesting story of his journey in Medan.. what a superb storyteller he is.. everyone's laughing non stop.. including me.. anyway.. food's good.. but I purposely go for the lamb albeit the marvelous selection of masakan kampung.. heheh!
The next one is a complete treat of nasik with berlambak2 lauk on the table.. gosh! gila minah ni cooking by herself all these.. ikan kembung 3 rasa, ayam goreng tepung, sayur kailam ikan masin, tauhu masak lemak, telur dadar complete with ikan kering.. wallap like crazy laa.. apa lagi! heheh..
Syukur pada tuhan atas limpahan rezekinya to all of us.. alhamdulillahhh!

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