Monday, February 28, 2011


Alang2 ada di KT, there are so many Ganu traditional food that I must eat.. getting all these Ganu food reminds me of the good old childhood days where I usually bought these kuih2 for tea time..
1. Laksa/ Laksam Terengganu
Nice laksa or laksam with santan gravy and lots of fish. Eaten with ulam2 and sambal belacan. My favourite!!2. Koleh Lemak
Abah's favourite when I was small. Somehow, he is not keen into this kuih anymore these days. Some white rich and creamy thingy with the fish on top.. definitely not my fav laa.. heheh.. 3. Beka Ubi
Not my favourite too.. but nice to eat every once in a while.. the bingka covered with white creamy sauce.4. Lompat Tikam
Funny name huhh? I don't know why it's called that way.. but it's surely a nice kuih to eat once in a while.. donno how to describe it.. the kuih eaten with gula melaka.. quite sweet, but the mixture of sweet, creamy and plain makes it nice..worth a try!5. Pulut Lepa
The Ganu version of pulut panggang, but with the fish inti.. definitely my brother's favourite he can finish 12 pieces of that alone ok! gilerr.. the famous one next to sekolah agama in Ladang.. sedapppp! So many more kuih Ganu that I still haven't tried.. will definitely try it again the next round of balik kampung soon.. arghhhh! all the childhood memories semua flashback balik.. I miss those days!

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