Saturday, February 26, 2011


Mak has booked me for her small garden project.. and we need to get a few pasu for the plants.. So we all went to the ever marvelous nursery in KT.. went almost crazy checking out the plants here.. the arrangement is made as if ur lost in the middle of a beautiful garden..
all the plants are fresh and healthy.. and the variety of pokok here really makes me running around here and there, like kids in Toys R Us.. well, yeah.. that's me with plants.. I got excited too fast with it.. heheheh! Anyway.. thank god I didn't drive back.. else I know I'm gonna spend like mad for these plants.. semua cantek2 ok.. Mak also went crazy with the variety of orchids here.. and she ended up getting one.. and that doesn't stop there.. had all the pasu and pokok paku and all.. added with the orchids.. we all had a blast gardening at home.. Mak haiiiii.. if only I have a landed property habis la semua jadi kena pejera dengan aku jadi garden.. heheheh!

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