Sunday, February 27, 2011


It was annouced recently that the East Coast Highway (LPT) will be completed and opened in 2012.. goshh! it's been dragging too long already.. after all the political cling and stuff, the longgg awaited highway is yet to complete.. macam kena anak tirikan je Ganu ni.. the long hours of driving from KL is a pain in the ass.. Can one imagine the long 6-8 hours of driving.. half of it not even a highway ok... panas bontot ok dok dalam keta!!anyway, my dad brought me to check out the partly completed highway in Ganu.. which started from Bukit Payung and ended in Tok Jiring area.. lots of constructions still in progress.. even the road accessing to the LPT is still under construction.. donno whether they can make it by 2012.. but quite happy that at least they are making a huge progress on this one.. I'm sure the people in skyscraper KT threads will be happy to see the progress too.. and these are the photos of the jalan2 atas highway yang belum dibuka.. Cepat2 la siap.. fuanggggg!!

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