Saturday, April 7, 2012


Had a crazy lepak2 session with close friends last nite @ MV.. dinner @ Delicious.. had spagetti yg tk sedap.. my friend punya salad pun mcm boring.. tak sedappp!
the session continued followed by mengeteh @ Pelita Bangsar, then midnite movie @ GSC The Gardens.. At first we wanted to hit Redbox nak melalak2 tgh malam.. but looking at the pricenya.. RM60/ pax after midnite.. gilo ka hapa? baik la pi melalak tomorrow @ Redbox Sogo lg murah and best.. heheheh!
Anyway.. the movie.. pretty awesome one.. a little fantasy movie that made me all about getting involved in the movie.. the place, the creatures, the poeple.. cool stuff.. added with the Platinum seats that we got @ GSC Gardens and a total of only 6 peeps in the huge place.. triple awesome.. heheh!
Weird and funny when my friend told me his coleague advised her not to go to the movie.. alasannya...... 'Cerita tu tak logik laaa!!!'.. aiyoooooo! mmg habis dumb blonde laaaa.. hahahhahaha.. tergolek2 kami gelak when our friend told us about that... anyway.. had a lot of fun.. nasib baik tk tidor dlm panggung..heheheheh!

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