Friday, April 27, 2012


Donno whether bloggers perasan ke tak... just recently the admin page for bloggers dah tukar.. 360 degree turning sampai i don't know which button is which already.. the outlook tukar, siap ada chart bagai lagi.. dah la mana nak tekan new post.. mana list of post..

gila betul tak warning awal2.. tiba2 je terus tukar page and expect everyone to know how to use it.. bengong laaa...maybe I don't update that much tu yg bila tiba2 tukar terus buta huruf terkial2 nak click mana bagai.. donno about the rest.. but I personally think that the old layout lagi best la.. lagi user friendly kan kan kannn..
A classic sample of poeple who resists change.. and I'm doing Change Management stuff... hahahah.. so much of quote I always tell people "CHANGE IS CONSTANT, CHANGE IS INEVITABLE"... hahahah!

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