Sunday, September 16, 2012


Gosh... I've been totally neglecting my blog.. the usual sin I've always commited every now and then..
These few weeks after Raya were really packed with errands that I hafta settle since my parent's here.. Mak needed to work in KL for couple of weeks.. and since then, sending her to work very early in the morning and picking her from work in the evening were pretty much kept me occupied.. and I mean really occupied.. hehehhe..
Well, I'm not complaining actually.. having them around makes me more organised.. everything was prepared for me, breakfast and dinner.. home cooked everyday.. done! never missed ok... ironing the work shirts.. done! keeping the house clean all the time.. done! and even reminding me for solat everyday.. done! how lovely...
Now that they are back to Ganu.. the house is soooo quiet.. and here comes my bujang life again.. semua kena buat sendiri balik ok... heheheh! Miss them around..

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