Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Yahoooooo! I just got to know that LEGOLAND is officially opened in Johor.. and it really makes me sooo happy! True, when I was working on a project in Iskandar Malaysia, they got that planned up as part of the Iskandar development, but I just thought it will still be years from now for the project to materialize.. well, as years passes by, I am just soooo happy that the dream has finally come true..
I still remember during my childhood life, Lego was such a huge brand name for kids that age.. It’s been a dream come true to actually have a set of Lego in so many characters, and so many models.. One can have a set of Lego with huge castle model, another with a complete set of house with the trees and little human like Lego.. and they even have the jet model and Transformer models.. and the list goes on and on and on..
Having quite a limited choice of toys to play with back then, plus we don’t have such video games, PS3 and all to play with, Lego is one of the toys that can build such a creative imagination over how things need to be built. Kids back then really enjoyed the moments they spent with their Lego set, and even some kids gathered with their own Lego set and started building stories creatively from their combination of Lego sets. Awww! Kids those days…
So now that LEGOLAND is finally opened nearby, being the first one in Asia too.. it gives me such happiness just by looking at those photos.. it strikes me how well I can connect to those Lego moments, how kids those days like myself can only daydream of getting drowned in such wishful place full of Legos of our imagination.. I too can imagine how I will be, surrounded by those giant Legos all-around of many models and characters.. And most important thing, it can bring back the joy and happiness of my childhood memories, drown in the wonderland full of Lego all around.. Hey! Adults too can dream about it what… Hahahahha!
 So, with MAYBANK–LEGOLAND Contest , I really really wish that my dreams can be fulfilled by having me as part of the proud ticket owner to LEGOLAND.. so I can take a break from my stressful adult life, sit back and enjoy my Lego moments from the past, and have fun in the dreamy park.. Make my dream comes true dear.. Gimme gimme gimme!

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