Monday, December 10, 2012


OMG!!!! whatever happened to me laa.. dah almost 3 months since the last entry.. things, as usual, were pretty hectic for the past few months.. plus I was attacked by amnesia (yeay right!!) that I don't even remember my own password.. until tonite it is.. after endless attempts.. it finally worked.. hehehe!

Oh yeah.. had a blast at my cousin's wedding being round the clock general worker, while ramai yang simply had their own sweet time not helping the so called 'gotong royong' kenduri.. but that's me.. tak reti dok diam and simply tk boleh dok saja and tk buat kerja kot.. heheh! but what made me really happy the most was when I managed to sing a song for the bride and the groom.. a wonderful number of Anuar Zain, Sedetik Lebih... funny how weak my knees were while singing, but it all paid off when half of the whole crowd gave a crazy round of applause after I delivered my number.. while org lain nyanyi takda sapa tepuk pun.. kira sedap la tu kotttt! Hahahahahahah!

And tomorrow nite.. will be having a so called potluck gathering at my house.. with Christmas theme.. so there will be stuffed chicken, aglio olio spagetti, chicken wings, mashed potatoes, salads, bread pudding with sauce etc... will update more on it tomorrow..

So sleepy now.. I'm signing off.. see you tomorrow.. hopefully! heheheheh....

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