Monday, August 6, 2012


It is already the middle Ramadhan month.. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the time flows by, and wondering about my good deeds in Ramadan, including going to Tarawih.I must admit that I didn’t go for my Terawih prayers that many times, but I often forgot to take photos whenever I went for my prayers. So, I guess this is the first time I touch about my Terawih prayer, and this is my first entry of the activity this Ramadan.

So, which mosque to go for Tarawih tonight? I’m going to Masjid Wilayah to perform my tarawih. The mosque is somehow so big and amazingly gorgeous at night. Quite a lot of people were present tonight. The imam here recited wonderful verse of Quran with his amazing melodious voice, making it so magnificently beautiful and soothing Quran reading to hear. It somehow touches my feelings, reminds me of many wrong doings and sins I’ve done as a human in this world.

Somehow, Ramadan is a month for the Muslims to perform ibadah, so performing tarawih is like one of the main activity for the Muslims at night. I’m gonna take advantage of the month too, praying and hoping to be a better person in life. Insyallah!

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