Sunday, January 9, 2011


My weekend was a blast.. started off with a cool BBQ dinner and loads of bowling games and movies on Friday night.. we all had so much fun! finished 2 movies, Magika and Unstoppable.. and 2 episodes of Glee.. while the rest of the gang being so havoc with the bowling games.. cool stuff..
Saturday morning with a marvelous lontong jawa at Kg Bharu for breakfast.. stuffed with sambal sotong and paru and a really nice kuah lemak.. it is so delicious that no wonder people always rush to this stall for those yummy lontong and nasi lemak.. One with full stomach then headed to Low Yatt for a hunt of a MacPro.. ZP wanted to get a MacPro for himself.. and I too got myself a cover for my iPhone and the charger..
The night was even better with my so called reunion aka the singles gathering at Zeta Bar.. A fine nite to lepak at Zeta Bar cathing up with each other while doing some people watching stuff.. Nice place to lepak with KLCC background and nice music until later the music became so loud we had to move to another venue, Palate Palette for another round of drinks and finger food.. full stomach.. great times spent with friends..
So what's up for today.. just wake up late.. and spend my quality time at home with some house stuff to do.. and watch AJL 25 tonite.. meanwhile.. cepat sapu sampahhh.. jangan malasssss! heheheh..

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