Thursday, January 13, 2011


The company announced a kick off party to be held tomorrow.. and we all hafta buy stuff for our gift exchange session.. lots of companies have this kinda 'secret santa' session where one hafta pick a name from the box randomly.. and buy a gift for that particular person that shows on your piece of paper.. and in my case, it;s for a pregnant lady.. Gosh!!! can it be any harder?
At first, I thought of getting off easily by buying baby stuff since she's gonna have a baby soon.. but after a while, and after numerous consultation with my fellow colleagues, I was influenced with the idea that I'm supposed to get a gift for the lady, not the baby yet.. and that made it more and more difficult.. me? buying ladies stuff? how naive I am in this kinda stuff.. hahahha!Lots of crazy ideas on what to buy, including preggy blouse, shawl, tudung and stuff.. and it's really a crack in my head, which bring massive headache on what to buy.. but what interests me was when a few suggested that I buy clutch bag or dinner bag or whatever the call it bag.. what an odd and weird thing to buy for a pregnant lady eh? It might make her happy.. or not.. lemme give it a try..So at the very last day I brought a lady friend, asked her opinion what which clutch bag to buy.. and walla.. in less than 30 minutes, everything is done.. silver bling-bling bag picked, paid and marvelously wrapped, waiting to be given to the rightful owner.... I donno whether it's pretty or not.. but really2 hope she's happy with the gift.. heheheh! Now I wonder.. who got my name? and what will I get for my gift exchange? Please stand up....

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