Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Terlupa nak post kucing yg gemuk sebesar alam kat TP station.. bolaatttttt!From the TP station, took a cab to Bugis st, trying to find the finest Singapore murtabak, only to find out later that we hafta go to Arab St. to get those.. so jalan la try tourist menuju ke Arab St. and found the shop in front of the mosque.. Terus order as we all were damn hungry.. and we took a huge one.. S$12, cukup untuk makan 4 orang.. best! dalam gambo nampak mcm kecik tk cukup je tapi besar gilerr.. sampai2 je terus semua serbu and within 5 mins, habis ok! added with biryani kambing, and later meehoon goreng merah.. semua wallap!
but the murtabak is to die for laaa.. sedapp! memang sedapp!
Next destination, Orchard Road..

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