Thursday, June 2, 2011


I need to go back to Penang this weekend and hafta buy the tickets at Puduraya.. I was all excited to check out the new looks of Puduraya after the major transformation done recently.. and my immediate impression the moment I enter the 3rd floor is.. WHAT THE HELL? very low ceiling with so cheapo plaster celing that I can guarantee will collapse in less than a year time.. a person not so tall as I am still hafta bow to make sure I won't get knocked off.. can't imagine a 6 footer trying to get in.. hahah.. sure kena terhantuk la.. confirm! The 2nd floor is quite impressive.. a huge area of ticketing counters and fair amount of seats for the passengers.. fully carpeted, which looks quite impressive.. but not practical.. you have a whole bunch of people here in and out, and I'm sure the carpet will look old and ugly in no time.. well, it shows now.. first floor is nice with all shiny tiles and loads of small stalls and shops.. but to get to ground floor, one hafta take the ugly small stairs.. again with very low ceiling to get to the terminal..OMGGG! kesian la org bwk bag beso2 nak menapak turun tangga tu kan...
and the ultimate is the foodcourt.. 4th floor at the end of the building, with no clear signboard and such.. OMGGGGGG? kena menapak lg across the car park to go there.. sure mengamuk the food stall owners kat situ.. kesian! and also no sign of fast food chain and cafes to be built in this building.. kesiannnnn!
Apa la nasib Puduraya ni.. buat pun main2 je.. the news look so gempak, but the actual operation is still doubtful.. may be the users factor? may be nak cepat siap factor? cantik mmg cantik.. so much improvement from the old dirty Puduraya before.. much cleaner and so improved.. but still not user friendly kan.. whatever it is.. my own judgement, it's quite a frustrating experience there.. Memang indah khabar dari rupa!

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