Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just wanted to try something new.. and after a new year celebration in the jungle, I'm back to town with a hungry stomach.. so we all marched to the ever famous Nasi Vanggey kat ipoh ni.. tak tau la apa yg famousnya.. tak la sedap mana pun.. biasa je.. and the place they put the lauk.. aiyooo kotor la.. geli tekak nak makan.. but the queue mmg panjang.. tak pahammmm! Kat mana tempat ni? taktau la nak explain..
Lepas makan nak kena minum lagi.. and this time serbu to the most famous soyabean in Ipoh.. Funny Mountain.. sodappp! minum sampai kembung perut.. then thinking about balik kl.. babai ipoh!?

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