Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm back.. safe and sound.. and have lots of entries to update..
June 12th was my birthday.. and I managed to celebrate it peacefully with the loved ones at Chillies.. Belated.. some said.. Sadly, all the photos taken during the birthday were ruined.. all lost with no backup! How sad! Anyway.. I'm a year older by now.. some even said that age is not a factor.. and I'm still lucky to make it til now.. I know there're so many things in life that I have not achieved yet.. but I'm sure God will be fair to me to assure that I will achieve things or people that will complete my life.. Had another birthday treat last nite.. where we lepak2 in Bukit Bintang over the amateur band in the background.. We had a good chat till late nite.. with a nice voice of the male singer senerating us with good selection of songs! Some asked me.. whether I enjoy my life so far? Well.. yesss.. I am..


anonymous from the previous post said...

Happy Birthday Mr great your blog. :) keep updating yeh.

NIKO75 said...

Thanks a lot.. keep on rocking.. yeah!