Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Wedding Invitations

My parents were invited to the wedding of our not so close relatives.. and I'm the one who's suppose to bring them since I'm around.. so automatically I was also invited myself to those wedding.. 2 places of different wedding ceremony and this is a whole different type of kenduri setting from other places.. So, what's so different about the wedding makan2 in Terengganu? Let's check it out..
1. They will separate the ladies and gentlemen in 2 different places.. so, no family seating together..2. No proper table for the invitees.. instead just a bunch of chairs were provided in front of the buffet spread.. It's so simple eh? Take your food and eat.. and chow! Even the groom is so sempoi that he joined the crowd for a chit-chat..3. Unlike kenduri places i n northern area like Perak and Penang, the food selection is so simple.. the nasi minyak, the meat curry, the chicken and the pickles.. plus some fruits.. that's all..Don't get me wrong.. I'm not trying to say bad things about the kenduri.. but it's so different from the normal wedding setup and may be some don't even know about it and not ready when facing this kind of situation.. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see the kids are doing their bits helping out for the kenduri..Overall.. I would say that the food is really good that I'm so full the whole day today..

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