Sunday, June 1, 2008

SUKMA 2008.. and The New Gong Badak Stadium

Kuala Terengganu is so jammed up with cars.. simply because of SUKMA 2008.. another big sports event that is held in the newly completed stadium in Gong Badak area.. SUKAM means Sukan Malaysia or Malaysian Sports.. is one of the biggest sports event in Malaysia..
Since I still haven't seen how the new controversial political stadium looks like.. I took a ride.. beating in between the busy traffic of Kuala Terengganu.. From far, I can already see the two main stadiums are so nicely build.. that it stands proud for SUKMA this year in Ganu.. The closed stadium looks like the UFO from far.. while the main stadium is so nicely architectured it looks marvelous in the photos.. from far and up-close.. Today is the opening ceremony and there are people everywhere rehearsing and some events even started already at the close stadium.. I won't bother parking as the crowds were building up and we need to get out from the pace the soonest possible.. Nevertheless.. nice stadium for Terengganu.. and hope SUKMA will be held here successfully..


clairon said...

thank you friend for your photos on the stadium. I was In Terengganu last April, enjoyed the culture and the hospitality. One of the best stays I ever had.

NIKO75 said...

sure no problem.. just glad that i could share something with the rest.. and happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay in Terengganu.. do come again soon!