Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back to Hometown.. and still finishing my work!

I'm now in my hometown in Terengganu, settling a few urgent matters back home.. and at the same time still trying to finish my work due yesterday.. heheh! Puan Sri punya pasal la ni..
Anyway.. brought back a few plants for my mom too.. The orchids, the fence plant, the huge keladi plant and some nice looking flowery plants.. oh yeah! not to forget the grapes plant.. I'm trying to redecorate the orchid house turned Gazebo in front of the house to rather more presentable looks.. The grapes plant will be plant to accommodate the gazebo so that when the plant is all big and fruiting.. we all can see the grapes hanging out in the gazebo.. heheeh!
I'll post the photos of how it looks like once it's done..

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