Sunday, June 22, 2008

Makan2 @ Thai Restaurant Greenwood

Another entry of Makan2.. this I must share with you as the place is so nice.. and the food is marvelously superb.. totally 10 stars out of 5.. This is a Thai food restaurant.. where the food cooked originally by the chef from Thailand, and even the workers there speaks Thai when interacting to each other..The place is located in Greenwood.. and the restaurant is actually the extension of the house.. located behind the Arked Mara in Greenwood.. Let's checkout what we ordered..
Lala in Green Curry
Sweet Sour Bawal (Pomphret) Fish
White Tomyam
Sotong and Udang Goreng Tepung
Ayam Goreng Pandan
Kailan Ikan Masin
Another menu not in the photos: (Missing photos)
- Lidah (Tongue) Masak Merah

- Daging Masak Merah

- Thai Style Assam Pedas

Everything is recommended.. what a superb food they served.. and it's not only me complementing on the food.. but the rest of 7 other people eating together with me.. Totally recommended!

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