Saturday, June 21, 2008

Makan2 @ Tarbush Restaurant, Sunway

Another makan2 entry.. Some complaint that I have too many food entries in my blog.. So what? I'm not allowed to eat? Everyone is entitled to eat.. and the difference here is I blog about where I eat.. so people will have a clear idea on what to eat and what not the next time they're planning to go.. heheehh! Really nice decoration work being done here.. pretty impressive layout and ambience created.. allowing us to feel simplay comfortable..Anyway, check out what we all had for lunch.. yummy2!!!
Lamb Biryani - marvelously cooked for perfection! I simply love the lamb.. it's very moist and tasty and not at all smells like lamb..
Lamb Chop.. Looks nice! and tastes good as well..
Shish Lamb Kebab with pillau rice - nice! I wish my Lamb Biryani is replaced by this kind of rice..
Mixed Grill - combination of chicken, lamb and meat.. the fried onions on top really adds the marvelous taste of the grill..
And the special Arabic tea is served for us all in a small shot glass.. weird taste.. yet soothing once we took the tea for quite a while..I can't agree more that this is one of the best tasteful food I've ever had.. simply worth every penny spent!

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