Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Car Drift @ Bukit Jalil

It's been a few days since Bukit Jalil is full of race cars and vrooming sounds of the engines, I can clearly hear it from home.. It's only today I finally have a chance to check it out..Lots of drifting cars in action.. the drifting motion is simply breathtaking, heartwarming and adrenaline jumping..Cool stuff! Lots people in the area too.. The smokes that came from the car satisfies the audinece.. and the line up of cars interests many more.. The audience gathered after the show.. ..checking out the engine and accesories used for the drift.. lots of mat rempit were there too.. with Toyo Tyre as one of the sponsor I guess.. Spent few hours here.. checking out the show and the cars..The vrooming sounds continued in my head even after I left the place..

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