Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Petrol Rebates

The government announced that the public can start collecting rebates due to petrol hike starting yesterday.. An amount of RM625 will be given to those with cars below 2.0 for a maximum of 5 cars only, while RM150 will be given to the motorcycle below 250cc.. The first phase for rebate collection is for those who renewed their road tax starting April 08.. As expected, a sea of people rushed to the post office around Malaysia to get the rebates. I too went to Sg Besi to get it, later to find out that the post office is out of cash.. Stupid, isn't it? Pity those who waited endlessly just to get the rebates only to go back empty handed.. Why do they hafta keep on issuing numbers if they know that the cash is almost finished.. I'd rather wait till everything cools down, then only I go and pick up my rebate.. Funny thing is, only those who renewed the road tax in April onwards are eligible for the rebates, while those from 31st March and before can't get it.. What's the rationale? I don;t know.. As I think they also renewed the road tax this year and they are also eligible for the rebates.. I personally think rather than compensating the public with such rebates, why don't they lower down the price a bit at RM2.30 so that they don't have to do such stupid thing.. Everyone is satisfied and the public don't hafta queue at the post office endlessly. What's the rationale for those move, I really have no idea.. but personally I think it's an unwise move done by the government.. Anyhow, it's just a 2 cent opinion from me.. What say the rest?

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