Sunday, April 11, 2010


Last weekend was a blast when I spent some time in Perak and Penang with my granny and aunt. Nothing much interesting to share during my trip to Penang, except that Farhan, my cousin and his son followed me back to KL.. Well, I was all excited planning my usual must stop places along my way back to KL.. the usual makan2 place that I usually stop for their delicious meal of course..
But this time, what made me quite puzzled was the fact that all the places that I planned to stop.. all closed!! Yummy Laksa of Bukit Gantang, Refreshing Teh Candu of Ipoh, Mamak restaurant of Tesco Ipoh and Chinese Restaurant of Sri Damansara.. all 4 of them.. CLOSED! even one of them is not even in existence anymore.. how odd is that? Well, even Bank Islam building that used to be in Masjid Jamek moved 'I donno where' when we wanted to find for the ATM.. I blame my cousin.. hahahah! but still I'm puzzled.. having him around with me.. things goes upside down to the end... kena mandi bunga la ni.. not me, himmmmm....hahahahah!

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