Sunday, April 4, 2010


I happened to be in Midvalley for gym, on Sunday (pathetic, I know!) when I noticed that there's a Sony Carnival event on the top floor, and as I entered the place, I immediately focused on the pretty lady singing on the stage.. It was Misha Omar, a big name in Malaysian entertainment industry and a famous singer, and I immediately glued in front of the stage when I saw her singing a few numbers of song.. She's quite pretty, and more importantly, the golden voice of her's.. simply breathtaking, sang a few numbers of the lullabies that simply carried me away.. Simply wowww!! Check out a few numbers that I'm sharing below.. and I believe everyone agrees with me how wonderful her voice is.. Misha - Cinta Adam dan Hawa

Misha - Pulangkan and Bunga2 Cinta

Will share with u soon as I have problems uploading the videos here.. tungguuuuuu!) Misha - Wanita Biasa
Misha - Beyonce's song

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