Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Jusco Sale

It's Wednesday.. and I had to hit the gym as usual.. to my surprise, the traffic jam was crazy today.. and the parking lots are kinda full with cars.. which is quite weird.. MV won't be this full usually, especially during the weekdays.. I'm still puzzled, but at last I figured out what caused it.. it's the Jusco Sale only for the cardholders.. and almost all the crowds gathered at the entrance to get in.. I decided to check it out.. and got ready with my Jusco Card to get in.. again to my surprise, the electrical department only gave 5% discount off the price, and the clothes really looked like the old stock.. how frustrating! and with so many of them in the premise.. it's so badly packed that to walk peacefully also became almost impossible! especially Men's department.. they even have the promoter with hailer shouting at the customers for cheap sale and discounts.. 20 minutes later, I became so restless.. So I quietly made an exit and went straight ahead to the gym..

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