Saturday, February 14, 2009

Makan2 @ Rak Thai, The Gardens

It was a last minute call when I decided to meet my friend for dinner.. she's used to work together with me, but left the company for better opportunities.. so where do we met for dinner? The place is called Rak Thai @ The Gardens, Midvalley.. Located at the lower ground floor.. it's the nice ambience and not so many people in the place that made us decided to dine here..What did we order? Let's check it out.. Obviously there are sooooo many choices of meals to choose from.. We all ended up ordering the set dinner, which consist of so main course to eat with plain rice..
TomYam Gang
Deep Fry Fish in Soy Sauce
Tomyam Goong
Chicken Green Curry
Chicken in Pandan Leaves
Squids with Basil Leaves
Kangkung BelacanA lot of lauk2 kan? heheh! Interestingly, we all were given Lemongrass drinks, which tastes weird.. but quite refreshingwhen taken cold.. heheh!I was crazy full from the fulfiling dinner.. and we all moved to the mamak restaurant later for a glass of refreshing Teh Tarik.. we all had a good chat over teh tarik, and called it a nite at around 11.30pm.. There goes my diet for tonite laaa..

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