Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lover's Day

It's Lover's Day today.. and I'm sure everybody will be busy with their other half giving and getting flowers, go out for expensive dinners, have some romantic moments, spend time with each other, say nice word to each other.. stuff like that.. heheh!I'm not against this celebration or whatsoever.. people who feels like celebrating it.. will go ahead and celebrate it.. while people who don't will say bad stuff about it, be it because they either don't have a date or they are against this celebration.. am I right? hahahah! But come to think of it, shouldn't we just do it everyday with the one we love? If we love a person, why not show it to them with flowers surprises and stuff every now and then, have romantic dinner together at least once a month or do things together, spend time together as much as possible.. no need to wait until the day.. I think 14th February has been so overrated.. and too commercialized throughout the whole world eversince.. it's the flower shops especially that makes numerous profits from it.. selling roses at ridiculous price.. even the aci who sells flower for Indian prayer also sells roses double the price during the day... hahahah! Dah pandai kau ye aci! More than that, restaurants will come out with out of the world price for dinner, and gift shops will be pack with people buying gifts and stuff.. It can't be denied it bursts the sales for the day to some sellers.. but if people keeps loving and remembering their partner continuously, and keeps giving gifts, flowers and spend the romantic dinner every now and then, they will be more in love with each other, flowers,gifts price and dinner's bills won't be that expensive.. and the world we live in will be a wonderful place to stay.. hahahah! and as for us.. we just take it easy.. and watch how crazy and funny people are getting during the Lover's Day..heheheh!

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