Monday, February 23, 2009

Makan2 @ La Rambla Cafe

It's Monday.. and I'm really not in the mood to start work early in the morning.. and I believe almost all of us do.. heheh! Most of my time is occupied this morning.. and we all hafta finish it before lunch as there will be our team's lunch later.. Team lunch was at La Rambla Cafe.. which is located just downstairs.. and most of the dishes are the combination of French and Italian.. like pizza and pasta.. Some info on the cafe: There is plenty to choose from the range of appetisers, salads, soups, mains of meat and seafood and desserts. There is also a choice of pastas and a range of oven baked pizzas served with a variety of toppings. In addition, there is a selection of Western mains and a small selection of local dishes.
This is my first time here and I'm gonna order something good.. and since there are a lot of us, almost all of us ordered different dishes.. and I ordered Salmon Pasta, which turned out not as I expect.. My thought was the salmon is grilled, and somehow what I got was raw salmon to be eaten with the pasta.. kembang tekakku.. hahahh! One thing is everybody seems to focus on their own food, and not really tried tasting each other's food.. which immediately made me miss my makan2 friends.. we always ordered different food, and start tasting each other's food once it arrived.. that way we get to taste different food.. and how it tastes like.. heheh! well, what to do.. too bad!The vegetarian pizza was nice too.. and almost all gave a good feedback on the food.. will come back for more food next time..

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