Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The National Monuments @ Lake Garden

Monday, it's still a public holiday in KL of Thaipusam.. I'm all broke this month, so I will just stay put and quiet in KL.. and since I got nothing to do on Monday, a friend popped an idea to go and visit Tugu Negara (National Monuments) in Taman Tasik Perdana.. at first I was laughing my head off.. Tugu Negara? hahah.. sounds so corny eh?But then.. why not? Anyway, I guess the last time I remembered visiting our National Monuments was zillion years ago, during my primary school time, with a bunch of school uniforms kids on a study visit to KL.. my oh my, that was ages ago.. heheh!The Tugu Negara is located in the heart of the Lake Garden, right before the entrance to the Parliament Building of KL.. Tugu Negara is an imposing sculpture in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, along the Jalan Tugu. It commemorates the soldiers who died in Malaysia's struggle for freedom, particularly during World War II and the Malayan Emergency. The Tugu Negara literally connotes 'National Monument' in Malay. Elevated to the height of 15 meters (49.21 feet), Tugu Negara is identified as the largest freestanding bronze sculptures grouping in the world. The monument illustrates a group of soldiers holding the Jalur Gemilang, the national flag of Malaysia, high in the air. Each of the bronze figures represents elements, such as, leadership, suffering, unity, vigilance, strength, courage, and sacrifice.
Designed by Austrian sculptor Felix de Weldon, the sculpture was built in 1966. On 8 February 1966, Tugu Negara was formally opened by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and declared a memorial park dedicated to 11,000 heroes who died during the twelve-year Malayan Emergency. (www.malaysiatravel.org.uk)I found the place so relaxing and the view is simply breathtaking, I didn't realize I spent longer time taking a break here, adoring the beauty of the garden scenery of Tugu Negara.. Even the toilet is so cantik, kan? It's sad that the locals won't wanna spend time to bring their kids to come and visit this place.. not only this place is educational, but also a good recreation place for a family.. Go visit guys!

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