Friday, February 6, 2009

My LRT Ride To Work

I'm sick of having to drive and go through KL's traffic jam everyday.. and some more it is quite costly for me to drive and park my car nearby my workplace.. so I've decided to take LRT to work.. as the station is really nearby my house and walking a bit here and there will definitely help me exercise a bit..heheh! Bought the monthly pass for February for RM100.. quite worth the money as I will be taking both STAR and PUTRA.. and if I count plus minus the fare and everything.. still worth the money.. It's been a while since I last took LRT and hopefully it's gonna be ok.. Quite interesting to see lots of people in different ways, going to work in the morning.. funny and quite entertaining.. and the most important thing.. no hassle, no stress, no jam.. a way to the peaceful mind..
I'm going to Putri Gunung Ledang (PGL) theatre show today.. Yahooo!!!

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