Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trip to Kalumpang Waterfall

It was yesterday that we went to the waterfall in Tanjung Malim.. it was on a very short notice and I didn't really prepare for it earlier.. I'm still in pain from muscle injury from gym.. but this is a new waterfall that we are going to visit.. and I can't miss this opportunity..So it's about an hour drive via highway to Tanjung Malim, and right after the toll, turn to the right until you find Kalumpang town.. follow the signboard to Kalumpang Waterfall.. and walla.. it's a marvelous waterfall awaits you here..The ice-cool freezing water, the fresh smell of the leafs and water, the fishes swim between the slippery rocks.. it's all a perfect combination to spend my time at the waterfall.. Although I was limping, still I'm entitled to enjoy my mandi2 here.. Life's so great when you spend yourself with nature, and connecting with nature at the waterfall.. this is my passion, my love and my soul.. I just love it!

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