Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Haywired Putra LRT & A Lady Driver

It was raining rather heavy in the evening yesterday while I was still in the office.. and as I'm now a proud user (am I? hehe!) of the public transportation, I need to wait until the rain stopped to walk to the nearby LRT station.. Finally when it's still drizzling, I decided to take a walk, and to my surprised when I reached the station, so many people were queuing up to get in, and all the ticket machines were not functioning.. and people with tensed face and low patience level were filling up the concourse area.. Seems like it's all turned haywire when it's raining..
I decided to wait no more, and immediately sneaked out of the place that caused me headache already.. tried to check out the bus to the nearest LRT station.. and luckily I saw this bus KLCC - MIDVALLEY route.. which is exactly where i wanna go.. hehe! It turned out that the driver is a lady, which immediately reminds me of Anita Sarawak's song.. cool eh? The auntie who drove the bus really caught my attention as she needs to be really tough to face many types of bus hoppers and the jam of KL.. and I kept smiling all the way to MV looking at her driving and mumbling over people.. heheh!Not so many people on the bus, making it a more comfortable ride for me.. and finally reached MV in only half an hour.. well.. now I have new alternative to go to the gym.. a direct bus to MV.. saved my headache driving thru KL jam.. hehe!

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