Saturday, February 14, 2009

Muscle Strain and Limping Walk

It was this morning when I woke up and suddenly felt the pain at the upper thigh.. defintely muscle strain.. And it's getting worse from time to time.. Ouch! This is definitely from my intensive gym training that I started since last week..I am now concentrating in doing cardio almost everyday and the target is to burn at least 500 calories per day.. and this has been my routine.. almost everyday since last week. I guess this is the results of overdoing the routine.. I'm limping, not walking straight anymore.. and it's quite painful sometimes.. Still need to be at the office to attend the evening meeting for the new project I will be involved in.. A few of my friend were laughing at me seeing my limping walk.. and a 'gorgeous smiley' friend also smiled to the core when I mentioned about my limping.. heheh.. thanks for accompanying me with your smile and funny chat while I updated my blog (u know who u are.. hehe!)
I definitely need to rest this weekend.. and getting ready for new workout routine next week.. Eh! Alamak.. can't walk straight, need to rest.. this is bad! There goes my weekend laa.. Aiyooo!

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