Monday, March 19, 2012


It's been a few days since the event started.. and almost every nite I can hear from my balcony the noise of the cars.. and just now they just announce dthe last winner for SMS contest with the prize.. Proton kontot yg tak laku tu.. apa kenama tahhh.. Tiara kot..heheheh!
so on the last day of the event, I went to check out what's so hoo-haa about it.. as everyday I didn't see cars queuing up, jam here and there in esp. in front of the stadium and such.. and true enough.. takdak apa pun..
tak ramai orang.. tak grand sangat pun.. and nothing much to see.. boring!
but the new Persona that has been a talk of the town nampak macam quite nice on the track..
and the concept car.. town car tu pun looks nice.. itu je la yg nak dibanggakan sikit pun.. other than that, just a few Proton wannabe junk cars..
and more to it.. it's more to Lotus showcase with the models yang tak bermaya langsung.. heheh..
sorry la ye tuan2 puan2.. kureng menyengat sikit la..
I think I spent more time makan laksa yg tak sedap langsung tu at one of those gerai tu la.. and decided to go back right after that..

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