Sunday, March 4, 2012


After a heavy lunch.. mata tak tertahan mengantuknya.. so with a very comfortable seat in the theatre and aircind yang sejuk.. mmg tertido sekejap.. he eralier part quite slow.. until its gets to the interesting part.. automatically terus mata celik and terus gelak tgk cite ni.. heheheh!The movie is so funny and very entertaining.. although i think that Reese Witherspoon needs to be replaced by a younger chick (muka tua daaa).. I still think that she's funny gilerr.. yoyo ooo je if tgk poster, fuhhh.. utmost beauty laa.. tp the reality in the movie.. hurmmpp.. if only boleh tukar muka, ok kotttt... heheheh..Some said that this movie is comparable to Mr & Mrs Smith.. which is totally soooo not true.. mana la blh lawan makcik joli dghn pkck pitt tu.. far better.. but anyway.. I really enjoyed this movie.. worth watching! Kelakar..


Unknown said...

She's used to be cute, Sweet Home Alabama n Legally blond. Dia tak mam vitamin kot


NIKO75 said...

hahaha.. ur right max.. used to be gorgeous and cool, but not anymore.. tak sesuai langsung jadi a single chick about town dah.. jadi mak org ok la kot.. hehe!