Sunday, March 18, 2012


Dah lama tk jogging la.. so this weekend I'm determined that I hafta sweat it up big time nak turunkan badan balik.. asyik makan je kejanya kann..
so I went to Bukit Jalil Park next to the Sg Besi-Puchong highway with few friends nak naik tangga yg very mencabar tu.. target today.. 3 kali naik turun tangga till I can't feel my leg.. heheh..
It's such a nice park to have a brisk walk while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park.. damn! sungguh cantik ok.. and I'm so proud that I managed to walk up the stairs up and down as targeted.. dah macam naik tangga Batu Caves dahhh.. end of the clim.. can't feel my legs and butt already.. lenguhnya tk terkata..
Another brisk walk after the climb while laughing with my friends.. such a good joging day la today.. best2 betul.. rasa sihat tak terkata all of the sudden.. hahahah!


Unknown said...

is there any update to the blind mice, opss the blind fish.. Apa khabar dia skg ?


NIKO75 said...

hahahha.. The blind fish is still surviving in the pond.. antobodi yg sgt tinggi although ikan2 lain byk yg dah kiokkk.. heheh