Thursday, March 8, 2012


Take a good look at this photo.. can you guess how much they charge for this plate of Nasi Lemak?RM12.50 okkkkkkk.. kepala hotak betoii! mahal gila.. the very old, dirty and smelly stall is located at the pokok besar behind the Volvo service centre kat Jalan Chan Sow Lin tu.. you can see quite a number of people at her stall.. with no name.. konon nak try la since ramai orang.. a few pieces of paru with lots of sampah and a little bit of sotong with telur goreng.. kena charge byk tu.. Bulls**t laaa!
TOLONG LA JANGAN PEGI KEDAI NI! Don't encourage them to charge ikut suka hati and assuming that people are ok with it.. seriously guys.. not worth trying pun.. TAK SEDAP!! Again.. DON'T GO TO THIS OLD DIRTY SMELLY STALL.. NOT WORTH IT!!

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