Friday, March 16, 2012


Macam biasa laa.. weekdays has always been hectic for me until I don't even have time dating pun.. apa lagi to update my blog.. goshhh! almost everyday were filled with meetings and meetings.. and proposal, and justification, and paperwork, and so on and on and on.. but then that's what work is all about kannn..
Nak fill the weekend with activities other than work to the max.. takmau dah bukak act ka, regulation ka, manual ka.. tamau tamau tamau! tunggu sambung next Monday je laaa..
Planned activities this weekend.. apakahhh?
Saturday.. Jogging, kemas rumah and pi Balloon Fest @Putrajaya..
Sunday.. Senamrobik, makna nasi dagang and pi Proton Fest @ BJ..
hahahhah.. mampu ke do all that? We'll wait and see.. isyyy.. lambatnya gaji!

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