Sunday, March 11, 2012


The past week had been a hectic one.. with the proposals, NDA, policies, slides and neverending due dates that I hafta fulfill.. it was such a tiring week.. and I need to rest and take a break from the very much tensed mind of mine for a while.. so I woke up rather late this morning at 11am.. and I've set up my mind today not to touch on work at all.. as today will be all about the outing totally to have fun and release the weekdays tense.. so what did I do today?
1. Karaoke @ Redbox Sogo..
Sungguh membosankan... no new songs.. asyik2 dok nyanyi lagu sama je.. but the good thing was that we got a huge room.. so karok pun dengan selesanya pi balik pi mai in the big room itu..
nak jugak share suara2 sumbang that we managed to record.. but unfortunately can't upload here.. next time laaa.. next??? movie time..

2. Movie >> John Cater
The latest Disney movie.. ok la this movie isn't that bad.. only that the plot is quite slow and too many characters that is equally outstanding that they wanna highlight in the storyboard..
org hijau la.. kera putih laa.. org merah la.. the strong and pretty princess laa.. team biru lawan team merah la.. org jahat ala2 immortal laaa.. zaman koboi laaa.. the nephew laaa.. lots of characters sangat yang sangkut paut with John Carter.. heheheh! overall still cool laaa.. can't wait to watch the Avengers soon..
Those two main activities pun dah fill out the whole day.. time is flying by so fast.. Relief ka tension from today's activities? Not quite.. but at least a day off from the proposal, policy, slides and all.. kira ok la tu.. tomorrow nak kena start balik to gear up for Monday's meeting.. another hectic week next week horrrr...

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